Vous êtes le héros


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You remember the age of the Gamebooks? If not, it’s that you are too young.

Gamebooks were books that were allowing the reader to participate in the story by making choices. They were usually set in a Heroic Fantasy / Fiction world, and the reader / player had to solve puzzles, (virtually) fight dragons with his/her weapons of choice: dices.

Anyway. Multiple choices, leading to another “room” and then other choices, leading to other dangerous situations, etc... that’s a bit like hypermedia books, if you think about it.

That’s the reason why, for a conference, we (Pablo Pernot and Bruno Bord) decided to build a website that would allow players to make their own choices in an “adventure”. The adventure being... building a website.

Anyway. We were using a tiny rendering engine, that “groks” YAML files and renders them in a set of hyperlinked webpages.

This is the documentation of this tool... “Vous êtes le héros”.

et donc, en Français

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